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APS is the only needle in the market specially designed for Dry Needling. In the last years we have improved our needles putting in high standard level helping the work of physiotherapists and relieving pain from patients. Nowadays they are the reference in the market for all professionals


Our aim is to offer the best quality at competitive prices and keep improving into the Physiotherapy field.


All needles have double guide tube, this protects the contact with the eedle and avoids possible contaminations. It increases precision and gives the patient more confort.


APS CLICK: better handling (use with 1 click) and less waste.


  • Available sizes:
    • 0.20x30 mm Click PURPLE
    • 0.25x13 mm Click DARKPINK
    • 0.25x25 mm Click RED
    • 0.25x30 mm Click BROWN
    • 0.25x40 mm Click YELLOW
    • 0.30x30 mm Click ORANGE
    • 0.30x40 mm Click WHITE
    • 0.30x50 mm Click PINK
    • 0.30x60 mm Click LILA
    • 0.32x40 mm Click BLUE

Agupunt Dry Needling Naalden – APS CLICK

€ 8,00Prijs
  • Elke doos bevat 100 naalden

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