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APSe4, manuafactured by AgupuntSL is the final solution in invasive physiotherapy.


It's the first time ever such a complete device has such a small size.


APSe4 has maximum stability and precision with flowing currents. Besides, it tells us the exact voltage charge so we can test the real effectiveness of treatments.

APSe4 is the first invasive physiotherapy device that can be used while charging, unique.



The device has an anti-crash system which makes it restart automatically in case of block, thus avoiding interference with the patient.



The checkbox system makes a continuous auto test of the device and its connections.

Agupunt APSe4 Percutane Electrolyse

€ 2.300,00Prijs
  • The most complete device in the market thanks to its many different programs.

    • Single phase pulsed current
    • Galvanic current
    • Neuromodulation
    • Segmental stimulation (MSUN)
    • PENS/NMP (Percutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation/Percutaneous Neuromodulation)
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